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Tips On Contemporary Styled Designer Rugs For Classy Home Decor


The event of celebration is experienced everyday when you’re living quarters is decorated with unrivaled bits and pieces. The upcoming trendy generation would dislike hanging about dormant. For this case, Designer Rugs are crafted to make them spell-bound.
Designer Rugs are blooming ornamentation that could console all rage of flooring. It is an additional compliment to your space and brings an array of sophistication. This chic is built accordingly to meet the needs of every individual of your home.
Many people are found exhausted on using the routine ready-made rugs. So, Designer rugs would be the rug of their choice. They grace your floor and unanimously draw natural warmth and elegance. They exhibit sumptuous appearance blended with different threads, looming methods, and sparkling colours.
They sway as the rug of expediency as it could be installed over any environ. They could fit both heavy and low traffic areas. You may instruct the designer to employ heavy fabric for intense traffic areas. The silky, wool and polyester mix blend may add coziness when place at prime location.
Designer rugs pull new themes and intricate designs ranging from leafy, geometric, floral, and plain, dotted and stripes. They may be impregnated with dark burgundy, beige, crimson red and Persian blue or with pink, yellow and spongy green lighter tints.The rugs of darker shades have the efficacy to mask the stain or spills and they are indispensable tool in kitchen, hallway, dining and conservatory. While lighter shades will compliment your privacy area. The designer rugs with Persian and Oriental makeover draw antique outlook.
The contemporary styled shaggy and sisal rugs offer gorgeous exemplary cushiony comfort. With recent technology the designer rugs will further spruce up your living space. Many rug retail outlets and online shops are available to create designer rugs of prescribed dimensions and shapes.
The advantages of designer rugs are more, since you can embellish every room with the rug sculpted using different fabric, colours, and shapes. On choosing natural fiber the chances for allergenic effects gets lessen while synthetic-made assure rigidity.
Designer rugs convey new meaning for your dwelling with oval, polygon, square, rectangular size and shapes. And also the designer rugs for kid’s room boast animated toon characters, zebra hides, and cow hides with vivid colours. But make certain that your imagination can become live only when you hire the appropriate designer.
Fix your budget and go for Designer Rugs to make your home flooring classy.

2012 Home Decor Trends

 Travel to the exotic, yet simple, islands of Samoa, Tonga, Maldives, or Fiji to get a glimpse of the natural influence of this year’s home décor trends. Crisp, clear, mountain-born streams winding and cascading through bright green flora, with a backdrop of a tangerine colored setting sun are visuals that have crept into home décor this year. The vibrancy of striking fabric colors, worn by the local, indigenous villagers, set-off by the neutral settings of trampled clay and driftwood, are melding into a palette of tropical landscape that has found its way into the home, thousands of miles away. In addition to the influence of color, the uncomplicated lines of structures and furnishings have translated into similar design in contemporary furniture and furnishings, combining modern conveniences within such simple mediums.

The Future is Bright and Bold

The new home décor trends of color are blossoming with enthusiasm and petal-soft charm. The popularity nouveau of tangerine appears to be the pivotal color. Unlike its color kin of the early 1960s, the contemporary tangerine is clean, refreshing and more accurately emulates the color as it would be in natural schemes and not muddied or toned down as was its predecessor.

Supportive of this particular shade are those of washed lilac, vibrant blue, toned yellowish greens, pastel gold, vivid teal, melon and an alluring aquamarine. The tendency is to use such lively colorations in modesty while carrying the dominant theme in either subtle, silky whites which lend to bright spaces; or pairing these dazzling colors with the earthy richness of driftwood grays, taupe, and oxidized gold or bronze which offer the foundation of tranquility within a somber setting.

Although these colorations are extracted from a more simplistic, down-to-earth part of the world, the application of such colors can quite often have a regal flair. The creative combination of the vibrancy, suspended upon the backdrop of wispy white clouds will, no doubt, transport to a serene atmosphere of tropical splendor.

Trending Furniture Styles

Today’s popular furniture designs reflected in trending home décor are a statement in the transitioning of contemporary lifestyle. The dining room table, for example, was often the focal point of gathering and entertainment of family and guests. This convention has now given-way to the more casual transience of café or pub style sitting areas that lends itself to a more brief, intimate encounter. Coffee tables are no longer just an added feature to a living room, but one of function. Designers have realized that more families are turning their living rooms into casual media centers, thereby redefining the coffee table into a storage or work station that also doubles as a functional, decorative place where modern folks have their meals. These tables will typically boast several drawers for out-of-the-way storage as well as retractable tops for ease of laptop usage.

The three, or four, piece living room set is passé in 2012 home décor trends and has been replaced with modular sectional furniture which may be arranged in a multitude of stylistic combinations–suiting the function and overall design of the room. These sectionals are also noted for having built-in, discreet amenities like cup-holders, coolers and magazine storage areas; again, reflecting the needs and desires of modern convenience. The concept of modularity permits the inclusion of separate, secluded sitting areas whereby private conversations can occur without the influence of the media center.

The bedrooms are brighter and exude the simple lines of nondescript detail. This medium allows for the inclusion of fanciful colorations of the walls, drapes and bedspreads to come to decorative realization. Also trending in the bedroom furniture design is that of bed-frame foundations that serve as an additional source of storage, keeping linen closets less cluttered or providing a secluded chamber for the children’s toys.

Thematic Accents

Completing a theme of a room while staying in touch with the latest in home décor trends is as easy as adding the few minor touches with accent pieces. True to the Polynesian influence of this year’s trend would be the inclusion of an interior, decorative waterfall visual. The continual flow of water catches the eyes and appeals to the ears with gently flowing falls.

Accent rugs, with earthy appeal, lend a necessary foundation to a room that is alive with tropical island color. Interrupt the pulsing glow of an overbearing color with a more muted art form that coordinates with the modern colorations yet grounds a wall that seems to be escaping the room.

Accenting can be the most enjoyable part of the decorating process as there are an endless measure of pieces, compositions, and textures to add balance to a room and reflect the personality and playfulness of the home.

Smart Ideas to Arrange the Furniture of a Small Living Room


People who are looking to re-decorate or re-model their living-room often don’t know what they want, or don’t know the best way to utilize the size of the space. Ideas for setting and arranging furniture, in small living rooms especially, is a challenge that most people face. Here are some tips that will help.

Pick A Neutral Color and Stick to It

One of the best ways to push back the walls and make a small space appear larger is by using a neutral palette for your furniture throughout the living room. As compared to a mismatched color palette, the eyes can roam through a neutral living room setting much more freely.

Go Small Scale for Your Living Room Set

You should always choose the size of the furniture that is exact and appropriate for the room it’s meant for. Also, keep in mind, who will use it and why. Consider placing a simple accent chair by Coaster in your living room area which will bring style to your home. Although a bit heftier, its shape won’t take up the whole room.

Let There Be Light, and Lots of It

To help make a space look larger, you can take advantage of all the light that is available and play with the possibilities. White or pale colors will make a room seem brighter. Avoid fancy window treatments and place simple but elegant looking curtains on them. You don’t want the living room to become stuffy.

Need More Seating? Add a Window Seat

You can turn a window niche into a cozy and mini living area, by placing a window seat. The idea is to make do with what space is available; therefore choose leggy, and slender sized furniture because they don’t take up much space.

An Ottoman Can Act As a Coffee Table

Instead of getting a gilded coffee table for your living room, why not place a large and upholstered ottoman instead? This piece of furniture can double up as a coffee table very easily, and can be used just like it as well.

Make Use of Every Corner

If you have an open floor plan, separate an area for the living room and plan accordingly by keeping in mind, the other areas that will come into the space too. You can place 2 leather upholstered chairs and one recliner, or a fabric upholstered couch with two chairs side by side, along with a large coffee table in the middle and a rug.

Make Clear Paths for Traffic

The living room furniture should be arranged in such a way that outgoing and incoming traffic should be directed around the conversation area rather than through it. Place the sofa, with its back facing the main entry door first, then start the seating plan for that area.

Getting ideas for furniture arrangement of small living rooms isn’t such a hard task, if you choose the right furniture to go with the space that is available. If you are looking to re-decorate your living room, then Home Cinema Center might prove to be a good destination for you.

Jens Risom – A Biography


Jens Risom is acclaimed as one of the most influential furniture designers of the 20th century. He is recognized as one of the first designers to bring Scandinavian style and function to the United States.

Born in Demark in 1916, Risom was a furniture design student at the School for Arts and Crafts. Under the tutelage of master craftsmen like Kaare Klint and Ole Wanscher, Risom learnt the value of simplicity and utility. In 1939, he relocated to New York to study contemporary American furniture design. He began his career by designing mainly textiles, which led to his appointment as the Director of Interior Design for Dan Cooper Inc. In the same year, Risom and Hans Knoll joined forces to put up an exhibition for the New York World’s Fair. This exhibition won Risom an invitation to design the interior for the ‘House of Ideas’ established by Collier’s magazine in Rockefeller Center as an inspiration for customers.

In 1941, Risom and Knoll conducted a nation wide research in an attempt to understand the potential market for a new line of products that Risom would design and Knoll would market. Hans Knoll Furniture Company was born in 1942, with Risom providing the first fifteen pieces for the inaugural Knoll catalogue. These pieces included stools, armchairs and lounges. The chairs, made from cedar wood and other exotic materials, are considered classics. This work reinforced Risom’s identity as a combination of well-designed, simple Scandinavian style and smooth American angles and curves.

After returning from World War II, Risom rejoined Hans Knoll briefly before leaving to start his own establishment, Jens Risom, Inc. The firm established the brand name, Risom, as the answer to America’s quest for well crafted and well designed modern furniture. Risom gained fame by designing furniture for prominent clients such as Richard Avedon and George Jensen. In the 1940s, he fashioned cabinets for cottages being built by Levitt and Sons on Long Island.

Due to an overwhelming response, Jens Risom, Inc. was forced to expand its factory in 1954. In the 1960s, the company diversified into the production of office, library and hospital furniture. Risom sold his company to Dictaphone Corporation in 1970, and moved on to pursue new interests through his consulting company, Design Control in Connecticut.

In recognition of his achievements, Risom has been honored with a number of awards. In 1961, Playboy Magazine profiled him as a designer who was revolutionizing furniture in America. His chairs feature prominently in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Museum of Art and Design in Yale, the Brooklyn Museum, the Modern Art Museum in New York and the R.I.S.D. Museum in Providence. In 1996, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe knighted Risom with the Danish Knight’s Cross.

Risom summarized his philosophy as follows, “Good design means that anything good will go well with other good things-contemporary or traditional. Furniture is not sculpture, nor is a particular design created only for visual appeal. Furniture should clearly satisfy the requirements. It should be respected, enjoyed and used.”

Does School Books Hold the Secret to Perform Better in Exams?

Every parent wants their child to shine in their academic performance and to outperform others in his batch. In order to do that they often push the limits way beyond, unknowingly putting more pressure on them. There have been numerous cases of depressions and under-performance in exams that made the headlines over the years. Experts who had been researching on this have come up with some ideas that could help students perform better in exams and come up with better scores. Following are some of the important points that should be taken into consideration.

Choose the Correct Books – Surprised? Well, this is one of the crucial aspects that should be taken into consideration by parents seriously. Experts say that there are certain books that do contain all the information but are not well put. This makes it difficult for students to get to the core of things and get a better understanding of the subject. Those who buy school books must keep that aspect in mind. School books are easily available online these days. Students can buy school books online after a fair amount of research and going through reviews. A good academic book will have structured information which will be presented in points than in paragraphs. This helps students to go through the essential parts easily during exams. Hence, whenever you buy school books, this point should be kept in mind.

Save Time While Buying Books –This is another input by the experts who believe that if students buy textbook online, that is going to save some crucial time for them during exams. The need for a substitute book is often felt before exams as students want to get a better idea on their subject. Instead of hopping from one store to another in that point of time, experts suggest to buy text books online as that helps in saving a lot of useful time.Getting all the Textbooks from One Store – This is another advantage of buying textbooks from an online store. Those who are looking to buy school bookscan well have the advantage of buying all their books from one store. That reduces the hassle of toggling from one web store to another in order to buy school books on various subjects.Discuss on Online Forums – Said to be a very helpful way for students to keep abreast of the latest news and progress in the fled of academics, the online forums are really a great way to interact. Parents too can take part in online discussions with teachers and ask them about books that could be of help to their children. While one book might be very helpful for one student, it might not be for another.These are some of the key aspects that experts opine to students and parents in order to perform better in exams. Buying proper books definitely is one of the most essential aspects that can assist a student to understand their subject better, thereby performing better in their exams and scoring more marks.

Modern Mirrors On The Wall

Almost everything you use in your home can be used to make your home look beautiful. If you are interested in interior decoration, and appreciates finer beauty then you must be having a great collection of furniture, carpets and flower vases. Perhaps you are forgetting something. What about the ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’?

Mirrors are not only polished surfaces that form images by reflecting the light but also an indispensible part of home decor. Women cannot do without them. You admire your beauty in the mirror and the beauty of the mirror makes your home admirable. Simple clear mirrors reflect the image of the person or thing in front of it perfectly well but it can also serve the purpose of a classy home accessory.

Explore the Simplicity

Modern mirrors come in various frame shapes like rectangle, round, square, oval. Decorative mirrors with innovatively designed frames can be found at Be it a simple mirror or a stylish one that you are looking for, you are sure to fall in love with the huge collection of mirrors available at Large wall mirrors will give your room a grand look, a pretty simple mirror with an elaborately designed frame will give an edge to an otherwise simple room, a square shaped mirror with a plain broad frame will make your room look smart. Choose the look that goes best with your personality and your home.

Large Ones

Large bathroom mirrors make your bathroom look spacious and classy. Large mirrors help reflect light thus increasing the visibility and making the bathroom look brighter, and undoubtedly not only does a bright bathroom look more comfortable but also feels very relaxing. Mirrors are a bathroom necessity but are usually the most neglected. By replacing the small, uninteresting mirror in your bathroom by theavailable at you can give your bathroom a look that expresses your design personality. Large mirrors reflect the overall design of the bathroom so get yourself a mirror that goes well with the design.

Mirrors are an unique way to change the appearance of your room. Begin your hunt for that perfect mirror which will give your house an unique look only at Here you are sure to find the most suitable and beautiful mirror that will make your home look complete at affordable prices. So go ahead and give your room a decorative touch of elegance.

The Texas School Book Depository Mystery

The Texas School Book Depository is a spider that can leave its web and stalk its prey. It’s about a weapons and narcotics smuggling operation moving under the guise of schoolbooks. Controlled by ultraconservatives, the depository harbored spies, who infiltrated left wing organizations. It also had law enforcement agents, who monitored and controlled the drug traffic within the city of Dallas.

These operatives acted at the instigation of the national security establishment. When President Kennedy threatened to break up that establishment, a plot developed to assassinate him. The schoolbook workers became involved in the plot, when they relocated into the seven-story building that overlooked a 120-degree turn at Elm and Houston Streets. The turn made the President an easy target, because it slowed his limousine down to a crawl. After the assassination, the victors of the coup imposed extra security measures at the schoolbook depository in order to protect ongoing smuggling activities.

On the sixth floor that day William Shelley and his crew of five men were adding new plywood to the old floor. How they failed to notice the lifting and moving of two dozen boxes, each weighing 55 pounds, to make the sniper’s nest at the southeast corner window has never been explained. Also unexplained is an incident after the assassination: Shelley spoke with Oswald just prior to the latter’s escape in a Nash Rambler.

The main occupant of the third floor was the Hugh Perry Book Depository, a privately owned company, incorporated in 1927 and the predecessor of the TSBD. Hugh Perry acted as an independent agency for a group of publishers to warehouse and distribute textbooks to schools in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Not far from the TSBD on 707 Browder Street was the Lone Star Schoolbook Depository, a rival company, which also warehoused and distributed schoolbooks.

On October 29, 1945, Hugh Perry hired a mysterious clerk named William Shelley. According to news journalist Elzie Glaze, who met him in 1974, Shelley said he was an intelligence agent during the war and afterwards joined the CIA. Since his previous job was a brief stint working in defense plants, it is possible that he served as an informant for some counterespionage unit. This undercover work carried over into Hugh Perry, where schoolbooks concealed clandestine shipments of guns and drugs. The second part of Shelley’s statement shows that, after the CIA came into existence in 1947, it took over this operation – and the agents assigned to it.

In 1947, Hugh Perry changed its name to the Texas School Book Depository. Five years later, the schoolbook companies moved into the first floor of the Dal-Tex Building. Clear glass partitions and a hallway separated the companies. Everyone could see what everyone else was doing. The Scott Foresman office had the most desirable spot, a sunlit corner with a view of the County Records building across Elm Street, the Sexton grocery warehouse across Houston, and a white, four-story TSBD warehouse just north of the railroad tracks.

A veil of secrecy conceals the company that employed these men. The Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) moved into the seven-story, Elm Street building during the summer of 1963, but exactly when is unknown. The owner was D. Harold Byrd, an ultraconservative oil tycoon. Byrd was a colonel in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for Texas and Louisiana. Serving under him as a CAP commander was David Ferrie, a CIA contract pilot. Among Byrd’s cadets were Lee Harvey Oswald and Barry Seal. As a cadet, Seal was a gun smuggler, flying wooden crates filled with guns and ammo from the La Combe airfield in Louisiana. Ferrie paid Seal $400 a week to fly this cargo.

Ruth Paine (who Marina lived with) while driving on the freeway, saw the company name on a four-story warehouse and thought that Lee worked there, not realizing that a larger building, also within her view, was the place where he really worked. Evidently a new sign was added later, but exactly when is unknown. The difficulty of obtaining specific details is of course due to the building’s role as a shooting platform, but there is something else to consider. From clues derived from a variety of sources, company executives used schoolbooks to disguise shipments of firearms and narcotics.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

When you are looking for different ways to decorate an area, why not consider creative wall art ideas. This might provide a unique finish, color and texture for your living room. There are many designs and ideas you could use such as murals, vases, appliqués, plates and never forgetting photographs.
Murals could be personalized according to your own preference using objects or people. Among the simplest wall hangings is of metal; this kind is available in various colors and styles which means you are sure to find something that will complement your décor. Simple to maintain, simply by regular dusting: this really is all that is required. Furthermore, there is nothing to interrupt or damage.
Another creative paintings idea is in using vases, either with flowers or greenery contained within or without. Different colors put into vases to enhance the décor of the living room could result in an overall pleasing result. Changing the flowers and foliage based on the season could also provide another complementary look. Alternatively, simply by grouping some white vases together against a colourful background could provide an amazing outcome. So there are lots of ways to experiment with in finding the best look for your living

Hang display shelves on family room walls to personalize the area. This opens up decorating choices to objects that cannot be hung on walls and it provides homeowners having a way to open conversations about treasured heirlooms and fun vacation finds. Group objects together instead of scattering them one by one in the shops. Grouping adds a sense of cleanliness and organization.
Eye-catching paintings may be more readily available than ever before. Purchase prints that fit your design sense on the web, in department stores, discount stores as well as some pharmacies. Choose art that reflects both you and your sense of style, but be aware of all of those other colors in your living room and draw them by helping cover their the right art piece. Choose pieces that flatter the color of your furniture and mimic colors of other decorative accent pieces. Use large artworks as focal points or group smaller pieces together in odd numbers.

Soften the appearance and feel of the family room by decorating walls with fabric. Fabric can also add visual appeal as well as texture. Fabric around the walls may soften the feel of a living room with hard lines or hard floors of wood or tile. Hang floor-to-ceiling-length curtains along a whole wall to create an accent wall. Avoid loud or busy patterns in rooms which are already filled with visual interest.
Use regular wall paint to produce the illusion of depth by painting large squares or rectangles in your living room wall decoration in a shade slightly lighter or darker compared to original wall color. You may also create contrast and a focus by painting an “accent wall.” Accent walls really are a lone wall painted a drastically different color compared to rest of the room. Try using a color around the opposite side of the color wheel in the rest of the walls for dramatic impact.

Antique & Modern Furniture Styles Defined


There are as many styles in the world of furniture and design as there are tastes to desire them. From the somber dark woods of the Jacobean period to the geometric characteristics of Art Deco, there is something for everyone, and often making a choice is the hardest part. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is certainly true in the furnishing world.

Let’s run through some of the more well-known styles, defining and categorizing them so that with a little understanding, we can better analyze our tastes and desires. From rustic to formal, simple to elaborate, furniture creates a mood and shows off personal taste to best effect.
17th Century Furniture – Furniture has come a long way from the heavy 17th century Jacobean influences. This mediaeval-style furniture was typically plain wood with rush seats, straight lines and characteristically dark wood. In later years Early American style evolved, with typical European influence brought by the immigrants to the New World of America. In contrast, Louis XIV was busy creating the splendours and opulence of Versailles, with ornate gold carvings, fine artwork and magnificent craftsmanship in every room.
The later William and Mary style brought trumpet turned legs, ball feet and padded upholstery to English parlours with a new look in oriental lacquer work.
18th Century Furniture – As Queen Anne ascended the English throne in 1702, furnishings became more refined, with graceful cabriole legs, rococo ornate trimmings and shell curves. Tapestry and chintz were popular and this became known as Queen Anne style.
Colonial style American furniture was more conservative than English furniture of the same period, featuring carved pillars and less ornamentation. Following Queen Anne, Georgian style appeared and was particularly identifiable in architecture. In furniture, carved cabriole legs were the fashion, along with S-shaped curves and motifs. In the latter half of the 18th century, Chippendale furniture was in vogue, especially after the publication of Chippendale’s book of designs. His furniture was graceful, delicate and cultured and was further developed by Adam and Hepplewhite who introduced tapered legs, veneers and inlay to great effect.
From 1780-1820 Sheraton style was the most reproduced style in America during the Federal period, with bow-fronted chests and cabinets. Chairs now had sloping arms and upholstered seats with central splat detail on the backs.
19th Century Furniture – Shaker furniture is still a popular style today. It is defined by the simple, utilitarian furniture approved of by the religious communities in America. It is typically plain and unadorned, as was the architecture and lifestyle of those early immigrants.Back in England, the Victorian era heralded much heavier and darker furniture than before. It is easily recognizable by its Gothic influence, and heavy substantial proportions. It often had elaborate carving or ornamentation to offset the dark finish of the oak, mahogany and walnut woods.
20th Century Furniture, and Onwards – With the dawn of the 20th century, Art Nouveau was a refreshing change. Furniture made a tremendous departure from what had gone before. Chair backs were balloon-shaped or bentwood. Furniture had curving lines, scalloped fronts and intricate patterns. This morphed into the Art Deco period which featured abstract designs, ornamental motifs, rectilinear shapes and a certain geometric style. It took the world by storm at the Paris Exhibition of 1925 after the dreary days of World War I. The Art Deco style is clearly illustrated in the pastel-coloured architecture of South Beach, Miami and the furniture within.
In furniture the Mid-Century Modern style was progressing, particularly influenced by Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Gio Ponti, whose mass-produced designs in man-made materials revolutionised furniture in the mid 20th century western world.
From the 1960’s onwards furniture became Contemporary. Scandinavian ideas featured light natural wood, with simple lines, utilitarian design and very little ornamentation. This was later developed still more by such designers as Marc Newson into the Post Modern and Contemporary style which is popular today for modern homes.
This is the story so far, but progress does not stand still. With the advent of new materials, glass furniture and new innovations, styles continue to develop. No doubt by the end of the 21st century, several new terms will have been added to the dictionary of furniture design and style.
From contemporary modern furniture, all the way back to antique furniture – Crawleys Furniture has a wide range of items that can work with your home or office needs.

What makes New York Plantings Custom Built planters the best planter boxes available?


New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting’s Heavy duty, purpose built planters made for outdoor use. Strengthened and fortified in key areas while promoting good drainage:

Drainage is one of the key elements in plant health.

Well drained planters will not bare the stress of tons of pressure from freezing soil. If an engine block can split from ice a planter will surely expand/contract to become weak, separate at joints, split and fail.


Attached is the basic premise for the planter however we have improved upon this since.

The extensive use of long pocket hole screws holds better than we could have hoped for and reduces the need for redundant framing and “nailers” which are weak blocks used for attachment but not actual part of the structure.

Items like the trim and caps etc. can be fabricated in the shop:

*much more accurate and attractive when made on a good table saw/band saw or sliding compound mitre saw than the look of onsite circular saw “helpers”

Solid stain applied to the inside of planters can be substituted with “RED GUARD” or similar waterproofing membrane that will effectively extend the life of the wood indefinitely.  The use of 5/4″ decking planks with pocket hole joinery (note NO framing which is always off unless the framing woof is perfectly straight and planed.

Depending upon style, each board is jointed and then planed; often each board is cut to exact size then routed on each edge.

Either with factory style round over OR a bevel of 33 or 45 degrees.

Top caps can be used to lift planters in most instances the typical carpenters just tack on the top caps.

First the frame is assembled then attached to the planter. Again, made in the shop instead of on site. Cannot compare this work to on site work.

This allows perfect alignment, no gaps and true 90 degree joints.

These planters are built with solid 2X10 or 2X12” planks. Each board is planned to perfect flatness and straightness then routed on each edge, cut down to exact sizes.

Note that our method shows no fasteners but traditional hiding of fasteners is weak since nailers or small framing is used. Framing wood is never perfectly straight: The pocket hole joinery uses screws up to 75% longer for added grip and clamping. keeping wood from warping over time.

Edges Such as above will not sit straight and will have wide gaps/seams if the wood planks are not first planed and jointed.

Then, where edges meet the routing makes the joined edges look clean.

This is a planter without the marine laminate liner.

The 3/4″ marine laminate is designed to hold up in continuous wet environment, even saturated with water and not separate. Coated marine grade laminate is even more impervious to moisture.

Even though marine laminate is acceptable and even specified by architects and builders we have decided to use the 5/4″ thick wood OR

2″ thick solid wood bottoms (pressure treated or cedar #2 or#3 to save weight)

The solid bottoms are held off the ground approx 1-2″ to allow for air to pass beneath.

NO HOLES are drilled in these solid wood bottoms. Drilling holes in bottoms will weaken the bottoms, shorten the life of any wood, solid or laninate by allowing water to enter the end-grain.

Holes in planter bottoms will not offer good drainage either.

By making spaces in the solid wood planks much as a deck is built the water easilt drains, evenly (no wet or dry areas or puddling, fungus or moldy smells etc.)

Other smart and professional grade drainage options include “bulkhead fittings fwd in previous emails. All planter drainage can be routed directly to drain or even be recycled or repurposed to irrigate other planters.     75cdce05726173cf2b7abb3b00176678.jpg

Note bottoms of planters. There is no stronger planter made nor a better planter. Even with the marine grade laminate, the solid wood bottoms.

Note the air gap under the planter but the planter looks flush with the ground.

Planters can be built with recess in bottom for LED lighting tubes.

There are likely 100 different points to mention when it comes to how these planters are made, from the fingerjoint or staggered boards,


*the bracing that is made so that gardeners can plant large root balls anywhere on the planter so that they do ot have to cut root balls or compromise spacing (cross bracing that actually

* bracing ties in the bottom to the sides, not just a piece of wood across the planter. Note the “V” shape of planter bracing.

Don’t Try Woodworking without a Wood Planer

So you want to know what is a wood planer. Don’t feel alone. Many novice woodworkers ask us that question, though we have to admit it amazes us that they don’t. As professionals, a wood planer is as necessary to us as a good table saw. A piece of wood has to get smooth and straight somehow and a wood planer is what gets it that way.

Let’s start with the obvious – a tree does not grow out of the ground in the form of a plank! After it is cut down, it has to be milled into planks of various widths, lengths and thicknesses. This is usually done in a mill with a big wide-toothed bandsaw. Then it is set aside to dry naturally or, more often than not, kiln-dried.

When most of the moisture has been taken out of the planks, they are ready to be planed smooth to uniform thicknesses and widths. The big industrial machines spit out thousands of yards of 2X4’s per day.

Rough sawn wood is usually sold to enterprises that have more exacting needs than the construction industry. Furniture manufacturers of all sizes buy rough sawn wood and plane it themselves. Depending on the size of the operation, these wood planers range from high capacity planers all the way down to portable thickness planers and compact multi purpose machines that combine a table saw, edger and thickness planer in one.

There is a multi purpose machine for almost any sized wood shop. Many medium scale cabinetmaking businesses have at least one that they use for specialty work and many small scale professional craftsmen have found that a good quality 3-phase machine can give them a lifetime of service and produce the fine results they need.

There aren’t many wood workers out there who don’t have a hand held wood planer. It was probably the first one they bought and they still use it for rough work. But eventually, a thickness planer becomes a necessity. It needn’t be an expensive model. You can buy a portable thickness planer that will do the job for softwoods and narrow planks or a larger free-standing unit for wider planks and hardwoods.

One mistake first time buyers often make is that they buy a wood planer for their first project that is not powerful enough for their later needs. Hobbyists tend to take on greater and greater challenges as they gain experience. It may be wise to get a planer that can take on those challenges with you.

What is a wood planer? It is a terrific piece of equipment that can help you get magic results out of a simple slab of wood. When you see your first rough slab of walnut come out the other side of the planer looking like a natural work of art, you’ll be glad you bought one!